Affirmations in work from home

Running a successful home business is very much a matter of how we program our thinking, and the way that we think is probably the most important thing we could do to either be successful or not. Now the foundation for self-improvement begins with how we think about ourselves and the everyday use of affirmations. Upbeat and encouraging phrases encourage us to think positive thoughts, feelings and actions that you need to bring your goals to fruition.

You can reprogram yourself for success with the correctly used affirmations, or you can program yourself for defeat by using the wrong or incorrect affirmations.

How you phrase your affirmation is a big part of how your mind receives it. You should always phrase it in a positive way, the here and now way and with conviction. For example, “I am fit and healthy” is much better to say than “I don’t want to be fat”.

You should speak your positive affirmation out loud possible 5-10 times each day especially “each morning and evening” just before going to sleep as your mind works with the last bit of programing you receive just before going to sleep, so remember to say them out loud and not just think it, repeating them numerous times throughout the day will solidify them into your minds thought process and the more you think of them the more your mind pays attention to them working on making them reality. With your continual use of positive affirmations you will notice how your goals will slowly start forming and becoming reality.

When you are repeating “I am fit and healthy”, doubt is normal …especially when you are looking in the mirror and see someone that is possibly overweight and not healthy or in shape while repeating your affirmation. Do not let your doubts get to you and do not beat yourself up over them, they are normal …instead, just repeat your affirmation again over and over with even more conviction.

People often quit using their positive affirmations before they have even started because they feel that it is stupid and harebrained. Remember, even when you exercise every day you don’t see an immediate difference, it takes time and work. Your affirmations take time to work and you need to keep a positive attitude, no matter what you see in the mirror so speak.

How you feel is an important part of saying your affirmations; so you need to remove any doubt and make you affirmation mean something to you. You can produce quicker results and have continually positive feelings about your affirmations by adding one little word.

A very powerful way to phrase your affirmations is instead of saying “I am fit and healthy”, you would say, “I am becoming a fit and healthy person”… Instead of “I am a millionaire”; say “I am becoming a millionaire”.

By adding the word “becoming”, it allows you to stay positively focused on your affirmations. You can also use “I am in the process of…” For example, “I am in the process of running a successful business”

The more positive emotions you add to your affirmations, the sooner they will come into existence. Using these or similar modifiers can help you mentally believe the affirmations as true, and that will increase your positive emotions.